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We believe that character strengths such as grit, growth mindset, gratitude, self-control, and curiosity enable kids to lead lives that benefit themselves and other people. We believe that radical advances in building character are possible when scientists and educators work together, powered by design thinking and disciplined by the scientific method.

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Character Lab
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Character Lab Fellow

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Philadelphia, PA

Job Overview and Requirements

Character Lab is seeking applications from recent graduates, with no more than two years of professional experience, to join our team for a year-long fellowship program. We especially encourage applicants who identify as Black, Latinx, or Native American to apply for this full-time, salaried Fellow position. People who identify as part of these underrepresented groups are also underrepresented at Character Lab, and this fellowship is one of several ways we are working to bring more diverse voices to our organization. 

As a Fellow, you will receive an introduction to all aspects of Character Lab by supporting various departments, and have opportunities to discover what field of work aligns with your interests while rapidly developing new skills. 

During this fellowship, you will report to the Director of People Operations, who will guide you in your exploration of all departments at Character Lab. She will act as a mentor throughout the program and in your subsequent job search or placement into a new role at Character Lab at the conclusion of the fellowship. 

The ideal candidate is an adaptable, critical thinker who takes initiative in everything they do. Additionally, they are able to successfully manage multiple projects at once, exhibit strong time management, and demonstrate highly effective communication to thrive within our small and dynamic team. Recent graduates with backgrounds in any field of study and work are encouraged to apply. 


About Character Lab 

Founded in 2013 by two educators (Dave Levin and Dominic Randolph) and one scientist (Angela Duckworth), Character Lab is a nonprofit dedicated to advancing scientific insights that help kids thrive. By connecting researchers with educators, Character Lab seeks to create greater knowledge about the conditions that lead to social, emotional, academic, and physical well-being for young people throughout the country. To learn more, go to

Our culture is both challenging and supportive. To learn more, read our Culture Book


Job Responsibilities: 

Your responsibilities and projects will be dependent on Character Lab’s priorities, and over time, your individual interests. You will be responsible for: 

  • Being flexible and willing to support any department at Character Lab 

  • Engaging in and driving your professional development throughout the fellowship with the support of your manager 

  • Additional responsibilities as assigned 

You will support the work of various departments within Character Lab to help achieve our goals and accomplish our mission of advancing scientific insights to help kids thrive. A high-level summary of each department’s function within Character Lab is described below: 

  • School Partnerships 

    • Manage all school partnership functions: research activity days, troubleshooting, writing supporting documentation and communication, etc. 

    • Recruit and retain schools and district partners according to a nationally representative sample of students and districts 

  • Research Partnerships 

    • Manage all research functions: IRB protocol, Qualtrics programming, compliance checks, data management and support research facilitation 

    • Recruit and retain both high-impact and under-represented research partners 

    • Increase the quality of research (e.g. open science initiatives) 

  • Strategic Partnerships 

    • Identify and cultivate prospective strategic partners 

    • Work internally and in collaboration with partner organizations to operationalize and manage partnership models 

  • User Experience 

    • Foster user-centered innovation across the organization through user research, ideation, and prototyping 

    • Develop and improve digital products that increase ease of use and add value for users 

  • Communications 

    • Increasing quality of communication to stakeholders 

    • Promote Character Lab scientific insights 

  • People Operations 

    • Recruit, hire, and develop people within the organization 

  • Finance and Operations 

    • Manage organizational finances and ensure compliance and sustainability 

    • Support operations functions (technology, facilities, HR operations, etc.) 


Job Requirements 

  • Completed Bachelor’s degree 

  • Demonstrated track record of achievement 

  • No more than 2 years of professional experience 

  • Strong passion for our organization’s mission and culture 

  • Highly effective interpersonal communication, collaboration, presentation, and writing skills 

  • Exceptional critical thinking skills 

  • Excellent organizational and project management skills 

  • Strong attention to detail 

  • Fierce work ethic and sense of purpose, with the ability to work well as part of a dynamic start-up 

Physical Demands/Environmental Factors 

  • Prolonged and irregular hours of duty, as necessary. 

  • Some light-to-medium level of manual labor (e.g., preparing mailings, moving boxes of materials). 


Application Process 

Character Lab is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages a diverse pool of candidates from underrepresented groups to apply. We accept applications on a rolling basis. Please submit a compelling cover letter with your resume. 


Compensation and Benefits 

Competitive salary is commensurate with an individual’s experience and skills. All full-time employees receive a comprehensive benefits package. 


Operations & Hiring During Coronavirus 

We share your concern about COVID-19 and its impact on our greater community. This is an evolving public health situation that Character Lab is actively monitoring. We are following the guidance of the CDC and local public health departments. As such, our team has shifted to working from home, and we are conducting all of our interviews virtually. We are committed to working with all candidates throughout the interview process who may need reasonable accommodations, including those who may need support with technology. 

A candidate hired while our staff is working remotely will also be expected to work remotely until we resume working from our office in Philadelphia.