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We believe that character strengths such as grit, growth mindset, gratitude, self-control, and curiosity enable kids to lead lives that benefit themselves and other people. We believe that radical advances in building character are possible when scientists and educators work together, powered by design thinking and disciplined by the scientific method.

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Character Lab
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Editorial Director

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Philadelphia, PA

Job Overview and Requirements

If you have any trouble applying through our online portal, please email your resume and cover letter to

Position Summary

Character Lab is looking for an Editorial Director. The Editorial Director will provide senior-level management of Character Lab’s Product Team, overseeing the creation and distribution of world-class, scientifically-based resources on character development for parents and teachers. The Editorial Director should be an outstanding writer who is able to translate scientific insights into accessible, consumer-facing content for the website, newsletters, podcast, and other channels. The person should also have a strong eye for visual communication, with an understanding of UX/UI and the ability to give creative direction to designers. She or he should have experience translating science to educators, with the ability to take complex ideas and communicate them to a general audience while remaining true to the source material.

About Character Lab

Character Lab is a nonprofit devoted to advancing the science and practice of character development. We were founded in 2012 by two educators (Dave Levin and Dominic Randolph) and one scientist (Angela Duckworth) who see character development as essential to helping all children thrive.

Our research has shown that success and well-being depend on a multitude of strengths that are organized into three dimensions: interpersonal, intrapersonal, and intellectual. Interpersonal strengths like gratitude and empathy enable caring relationships with other people; intrapersonal strengths like grit and growth mindset enable achievement; and intellectual strengths like curiosity and humor enable a fertile life of the mind.

To advance the science of character development, Character Lab connects leading psychologists with middle and high schools across the country. To advance the practice of character development, Character Lab translates research findings into Playbooks, instructional materials co-created with scientists, educators, and designers. To learn more, see our most recent Annual Letter.

Our culture is both challenging (we’re never done improving) and supportive (one of our core values is excessive generosity). We are sixteen full-time designers, educators, and scientists (and one dog) under one roof. To learn more, read our Culture Book.

If you have any trouble applying through our online portal, please email your resume and cover letter to


  • 10+ years of experience working with and leading creative and cross-disciplinary teams
  • Possesses world-class writing skills, with broad expertise in various formats, including print and digital
  • Able to simplify complex subjects
  • Able to foster an environment of multidisciplinary collaboration and creative problem-solving
  • Unafraid to take creative risks and defend out-of-the-box thinking
  • Flexible and willing to wear multiple hats in a fast-paced startup environment
  • Comfortable and experienced at presenting work to executive stakeholders
  • Exceedingly curious and charismatic, seeking feedback and ways to continuously improve
  • Experience in the education, psychology, and/or parenting domains preferred
  • Loves his or her work and is excited to share it with others

Key Responsibilities

  • Product Development

    • Contribute to the development of a vision for Character Lab Playbooks and new products, including a podcast, newsletter, and beyond

    • Spearhead content strategy to use assets across multiple channels

    • Lead content ideation sessions

    • Write, edit, and proofread copy for print, web, video, podcast, and more

    • Lead creative projects from concept through completion

    • Create and manage product timelines

  • Brand Management

    • Develop Character Lab’s written voice, ensuring a consistent and coherent brand message across all media

    • Create and maintain organization-wide voice and tone guidelines

    • Provide oversight and input to the development of Character Lab’s visual communications

    • Collaborate with team members to create consistent, engaging social media content

    • Contribute to overall organization’s marketing and PR strategy

  • Creative Leadership

    • Work closely with the CEO, VPs, and Board of Directors to build on the vision of the organization

    • Serve as a steward of creative thinking for the organization, educating staff about writing, branding, design, etc.

    • Manage and mentor a small, multidisciplinary team

    • Engage and manage external partners, including podcast producer and marketing/PR firm


Competitive salary is commensurate with experience and skills. All full-time employees receive a comprehensive benefits package.